Paclock 2170A Series Aluminum Hockey Puck


Paclock 2170A Series Aluminum Hockey Puck

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Paclock 2170A Series Aluminum Hockey Puck

An high-security aluminium padlock is the veritable “go-to” padlock for securing your property or learning to lockpick. With it’s anti-pick and anti-bump, this padlock is challenging and fun. Once you master the art, pull it apart and create another puzzle for you to attack!

Best of all, these are REAL locks. So not only can you attack and hack these locks, you can build a high-security lock to use in real life. Amazing value!


Paclock 2170A Series Aluminum Hockey Puck


The Hockey-Puck padlock is the locking mechanism of the future. With its hidden shackle and 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum body, PACLOCK’s 2170A Series Aluminum Hockey Puck lock is the toughest in the industry.


What makes this the padlock of the future is that PACLOCK is leading the industry with new, innovative hasps that allow the end user to leverage the inherent strength and durability of this design. Other manufacturers use die-cast processes to make this lock ~ demand nothing but a solid, hardened-steel PACLOCK!


– Aluminium body is more affordable than hardened steel and resists corrosion!

– With only one moving part, PACLOCK’s puck lock lacks the environmental vulnerabilities that traditional, shackled padlocks have. Even after years of exposure to the elements, this lock will still function!

– Flat-back design for use with shrouded style hasps

– Compatible with PL770 and PL775 hasps.

– Try one of our patented hockey-puck locks that allow you to use your SFIC, LFIC, KiK or FSIC cylinder in a hockey-puck body.

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