Paclock 200A Series Aluminum Padlock

Paclock 200A Series Aluminum Padlock

$USD 36.35

An high-security aluminium padlock is the veritable “go-to” padlock for securing your property or learning to lockpick. With it’s anti-pick and anti-bump, this padlock is challenging and fun. Once you master the art, pull it apart and create another puzzle for you to attack!

Best of all, these are REAL locks. So not only can you attack and hack these locks, you can build a high-security lock to use in real life. Amazing value!

Colour: Black with PickPals Logo

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Paclock 200A Series Aluminum Padlock

This lock is lightweight, affordable, and is a staple for any dedicated security lover or lock sporter!


With it’s solid aluminium body design this lock is also resistant to the harsh weather conditions. Good indoors and out, you can’t go wrong with an aluminium rekeyable from PACLOCK!


– Dual stainless steel ball-bearing security means no shimming or bypassing.

– 9mm (3/8″) Diameter Shackle with 50mm (2″) Wide Body

– Key this PACLOCK into your existing Master Lock® or American Lock® key system! With PACLOCK you can even key this into your 4-pin Master Lock® padlocks!!!