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    Clear Practice Lock (Spool Pins)

    Sparrows Clear Acrylic See Through Lock Spool Pin

    Clear Practice Lock (Spool Pins)

    Want a real lock picking challenge?? Try picking our spool pin clear practice locks.

    These locks contain spool pins which are higher security than normal locks and are much harder to pick. You will gain a better understanding of how and why these locks can be compromised – and improve your own performance at lock picking.

    Note: This lock is keyed in a difficult manner, with alternating high and low pins, this fact means that the lock is difficult to pick despite the visibility. We endorse this as a learning and educational tool, but if you’re a beginner this shouldn’t be your main practice lock.

    At PickPals we are here to serve the locksports communities in both Australia and New Zealand. If you’re looking for a new set of Lock Picks, or simply looking to get into Lock Picking, we have the tools and equipment for you.

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