Shipping Times

What are your shipping times?

All of our stock is held in Australia saving you waiting weeks for items to come from the US/Canada.

We ship directly from our warehouse to you, with a free registered post in Australia. We also ship to New Zealand FREE of Charge!

Please note that a registered post does not guarantee tracking and is used to confirm sending and delivery of items.

As a reminder, you can review our delivery reference table below:


Please Note: At PickPals we do our best to get your Picks to you ASAP. The following times are based on our current estimations. When you track your parcel, the update ‘Received by Australia Post’ means it has left Perth, not that it is being held in Perth.  e.g. Tracking will show.

*Please note that we cannot investigate the whereabouts of your order until the times displayed in this table have been exceeded. i.e. If you are in Brisbane, please do not contact us asking the whereabouts of your parcel until 6 business days (Business days are Mon-Fri) have elapsed.