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Lock Picking Guns

A lock pick gun is an essential tool for any lock picking enthusiast to have in their collection.

Otherwise known as snap guns, lock pick guns are effective at picking locks due to the kinetic motion the picks use to hit the pins inside the lock.

We stock high quality brands of lock pick guns such as Brockhage and Sparrows so you can be sure you’re getting the best value for money.

Click on our available pick guns below and choose the best one for your budget and skill level.

  • Multipick Kronos – Electric Vibrating Lock Pick Gun

    $USD 248.47 $USD 219.99
  • Sparrows Double Tap Pick Gun

    $USD 70.48
  • Brockhage BPG-10  Pick Gun

    $USD 49.12
  • Brockhage BPG-25 Semi-Automatic Pick Gun

    $USD 70.48
  • Multipick Kronos – Replacement Needles

    $USD 27.77
  • Multipick Kronos Complete Electric Lock Pick Set

    $USD 462.05 $USD 426.46
  • Multipick Kronos Carry & Storage Case

    $USD 49.12
  • Electric Lock Pick Set – Southord E500XT

    $USD 155.92
  • Replacement Pick Blade Set for Kronos – 18 pieces

    $USD 49.12 $USD 42.00
  • Multipick Kronos – Spare Needle Clamp and Screw

    $USD 17.80
  • Southord Snap Lock Pick Gun

    $USD 63.36
  • Brockhage BPG-15 – Downward Lock Pick Gun

    $USD 70.48 $USD 56.24
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