• Sparrows Mollie Jim

    $USD 15.86
  • [eBook] Lock Picking in Australia: Lock Picking Laws, Legality and You

    $USD 3.60
  • Sparrows Progressive Locks

    $USD 55.49
  • Sparrows Reload Kit

    $USD 28.83
  • PickPals Intro Lock Pick Bundle Plus

    $USD 92.97
  • Sparrows Night School Tuxedo + Edition

    $USD 114.59
  • Sparrows Flat Bar Tension Wrench

    $USD 21.62
  • Sparrows Vorax

    $USD 114.59
  • Sparrows Heavy Bars

    $USD 10.09
  • The Ultimate Lock Pick Bundle

    $USD 179.45
  • Sparrows Cutaway Practice Lock – Standard Pin

    $USD 28.11
  • Sparrows The Revolver Cylinder Practice Lock

    $USD 64.14

Sparrows Lock Pick

Sparrows Lock Picks - American Made 301 Cold MAX Stainless Steel

Sparrow lock picks use a special type of American made 301 Cold Max stainless steel. This steel is designed for special applications requiring extreme strength and hardness. With a tensile strength averaging 280,000 PSI it exceeds the requirements needed for any lock pick.

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