• [eBook] Lock Picking in Australia: Lock Picking Laws, Legality and You

    $USD 3.64
  • Multipick Kronos – Electric Vibrating Lock Pick Gun

    $USD 232.64
  • Multipick Super-Set Practice Cylinder

    $USD 94.08
  • Multipick Kronos – Replacement Needles

    $USD 28.44
  • Multipick ELITE TOK Tension Tool 7 Piece Set

    $USD 50.32
  • Multipick ELITE 17 Lock Pick set

    $USD 90.58
  • Multipick Quick-Key Easy Pro

    $USD 145.13
  • Multipick Kronos Complete Electric Lock Pick Set

    $USD 436.84
  • Multipick Elite 11 Lock Pick Set

    $USD 56.15
  • Multipick Kronos Carry & Storage Case

    $USD 50.32
  • Replacement Pick Blade Set for Kronos – 18 pieces

    $USD 35.73

Multipick Lock Smith Tools, based in Germany, has long supplied the European market with high-quality lock picking, lock manipulation and tools for a wide range of non-destructive entry techniques.

Right from the early days Multipick Germany have been involved in lock development and manufacture, lever lock picks and lock picking tools used as opening tools. The more refined and sophisticated the interior of the lock and its closing mechanism became, the more sophisticated the opening tools became in case someone locked themselves out and therefore destructive opening of the door was no longer necessary.

German Quality, Australian Service.

PickPals now brings Multipick Lock Picking tools available to the global market at amazing prices. PickPals offer you a wide variety of opening and entry tools for practically every situation.

From traditional single lockpicks to pick sets with the accompanying tension rings and flippers to quick closure using electric lockpicks.

Check out our range of Multipick Germany Lock Picks and opening systems.

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