Law Lock Tools

  • Law Lock Tools Tension Wrench – 9 Piece Set

    $USD 35.83
  • Law Lock Tools – EDC Pro Lock Pick Set

    $USD 94.32
  • Law Lock Tools – 3 Pce Hybrid Pick Set

    $USD 28.52
  • Law Lock Echo Wave Rakes

    $USD 17.55
  • Law Lock Tools – Tipene Hogsnout Hybrid Pro

    $USD 18.28
  • Law Lock Tools – Nessie Dual Gauge Pair

    $USD 43.14
  • Law Lock Tools – CTR Pro Lock Pick Set

    $USD 94.32
  • Law Lock Tools – Increment Pro Lock Pick Set

    $USD 218.63
  • Law Lock Tools – Hook GEM

    $USD 21.20
  • Law Lock – Straight Knife Bypass tool PRO

    $USD 18.28
  • Law Lock Tools – City Rake Lock Pick Pro

    $USD 21.20
  • Law Lock Pry Bar Set

    $USD 28.52

We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and apply the accumulated knowledge and skills of a network of engineers and subject matter experts. This ensures that our tools will live up to the highest expectations and always stand out from the crowd as the definition of high-quality lock picking tools. 

My interest in locks goes back over 30 years and I picked my first lock aged 11. This evolved into designing and building my own picks and tools. I have now been building picks and tools for as long as I care to remember. More recently this journey has through good fortune, hard work and sheer determination led to something I have been fortunate enough to do professionally. Through the amazing support of family and friends and guidance of certain amazing people who believed in me I owe a great deal. Thank you all for your continued support.

Along the way I've been extremely fortunate to be involved in developing covert entry systems for specialist government groups and had the rare privilege to have worked with some incredible people. The world is a safer place for the hard work you guys do and I and many others owe a lot to these brave men and women although most will never know it.

The time is now right to bring some of my tools to the locksmiths and lock pickers out there I hope this is something I can continue to do.

Enjoy the new site and stay tuned. There is a lot more to come...

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