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Pick of the Month: Movember

In case you’ve been living under a lock for the last 15 years (see what we did there?), Movember... Read More

Lock Picking in Action

How to pick a lock – in 3 simple steps

So, you’re bored and need a new hobby. Want to learn a new skill that’s both challenging and fun.... Read More


Lock Picking Guide – How to pick a lock

Introduction & Rules So, you’re interested in lock picking? Maybe just curious? Well, the sport of Lock Picking (Lock Sport)... Read More

Guide to Picking Your Perfect Gift Bundle

Well this is your chance to spoil someone special or maybe even yourself, get yourself that shiny new set... Read More

Lock Picking Associations

Affiliates At PickPals we take supporting the Lock Sport community seriously and is an important part of keeping lock sport... Read More

What Is A Challenge Lock?

Ok lock pickers, this is what it’s all about. Challenge Locks. Michael explains what a challenge lock is, how... Read More

Tension Tools

How To Hold Your Lock Pick and Tension Wrench When Lock Picking

Probably one of the most important tips for lock picking. How to hold your tools! Check out Mike’s tips to... Read More


How To Escape Handcuffs with Lock Picks

Today we get out our kinky side and show you how handcuffs work. Handcuffs are actually a very simple mechanism... Read More