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Sparrows Progressive Lock

About Lock Picking

A history of locks, security, manipulation and an art. Lock Picking has been around for hundreds of years, it is... Read More

Easy Pickings - Guide Book

7 myths of lock picking

Oh, we get it. Lock picking is taboo. But believe it or not, it’s a fast-growing hobby both in... Read More

Types of Locks – Key In Knob (KiK) Locks

The lock that you can see in front of you there is a tiny little thing called a key... Read More

Preparing Your Lock Picks – Free Upgrades For Your Lock Pick Set

Get the Most Out Of Your Lock Pick Set Want to get the most out of your Pick set? Whether... Read More

How To Apply Tension When Lock Picking

Okay. Topic of this video, guys, is how to tell when you’ve got the right amount of tension. Honestly... Read More

Wafer Locks and How to Pick a Wafer Lock

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Disk Detainer Locks – Lock Picking 101

What you’re looking in front of you there is a disc detainer padlock. There’s something you got to get... Read More

How to Choose The Right Lock Picks For You

What is the standard pick that you should use for most locks? I’ll tell you now, it doesn’t really... Read More