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Ok lock pickers, this is what it’s all about. Challenge Locks. Michael explains what a challenge lock is, how lock picking is about creating these beautiful locks, along with trying to get them one.

The subject of this video is challenge locks. What’s a challenge lock? A challenge lock is basically what its name suggests. It’s a really difficult lock that a lock sports enthusiast has put together.

They’ve designed it and built the insides themselves for other lock sporters to try and pick. It tends to be kind of a showcase, not only of the skills of the guy that put it together, but also the guys that are trying to pick it. You’ll see a lot of videos of guys trying to get into challenge locks, because it’s kind of prestigious to get into a difficult lock. There’s also a lot of prestige that goes along with being the guy that put a lock together. This one, for example, this is—it started out life as a five-pin lock.

It got converted into a six-pin lock, and the guy that made it, a guy by the name of ‘Tip’ up in Tauranga in New Zealand, not only did he design and make all the pins inside this thing, but he actually hand cut his key as well. That is mummified at the moment so that whoever’s trying to pick doesn’t get a look at the key before they pick the lock. Believe me, when I tell you, Tippiny actually made this himself with a hand file. I haven’t used this in the lock yet, but apparently, it turns beautifully. Challenge locks, there we go.

Once you have mastered standard pins and security pins, these things are the next step, and boy, there are fun.

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